Product Series

STMC provides various models of ULTRA SHOT® cryogenic deflashing machines; Cold Jet® dry ice blasting machine; machine spare parts and blasting media of all kinds.

STMC also provides developing & customize automatic control programs, configuration communication and human-machine dialogue interface according to clients needs.

Ultra Shot® Cryogenic Deflashing Machine
allows the operators to accurately set the operating temperature, projectile wheel speed, basket rotation speed and the processing time to remove the flash base on product condition; The program combination of solenoid valve and temperature regulator can automatically adjust the liquid nitrogen supply,so that the chamber is always at the optimum temperature for deflashing. The material basket applies rotating + flipping design, which is convenient for loading and makes the deflashing process more effective.
STMC Advantage
Brand Origins
Originated from Japan's Showadenko Group 30 years of technology precipitation, 16 years of domestic manufacturing experience.
Competitive Cost
Excellent thermal insulation performance reduces the waste of liquid nitrogen. PIR insulation layer with better thermal insulation performance plus ultra-low temperature solenoid valve to reduce waste of liquid nitrogen and the operating cost.
Mature Technical Solution
All technical specifications are optimal designed including the projectile speed, projectile angle, basket shape, inclination angle and rotation.
More Effective Performance
The parts inside of the projectile circulation system are well sealed which makes the projectile system more powerful and the circulation more stable.
Reliable Safety Protection
The special door hinge on the machine can bear 0.5Mpa pressure. STMC uses special door handle imported from Japan on all cryogenic deflashing machine models which not only greatly simplify the opening of the chamber but also safer and reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen.
High Configuration Core Parts
The default core components are imported from Japan which have better performance and quality, they can also be replaced if German configuration is preferred, including Siemens motors (optional), frequency converter, PLC and touch screen.
Quality Management
ISO9000 quality management, over 800 incoming inspection, 30 assembling inspections, and 25 delivery inspections.
Full Service
Free product test and provide test report (including molding adjustment suggestions)
Experienced technical solution, 1 year (up to 2000 hours) warranty, spare parts guarantee supply for 10 years, remote response in less than 2 hours, 48 hours on-site service, 4 return visits per year.
ULTRA SHOT Cryogenic Deflashing Machine Made In & Imported From Japan

ULTRA SHOT Cryogenic Deflashing Machine Made In & Imported From Japan

STMC can provide ULTRA SHOT cryogenic deflashing machine imported from Japan. The whole machine configuration can be customized by RESONAC Japan factory according to clients needs. The quality and performance of the machine refer to and comply with the factory standards of RESONAC Group.

· The whole machine is original made in/imported from Japan

· STMC provides pre-sales and post-sales service follow the standards and requirements of RESONAC Group.

Customize Development

Customize Development Process

Demand survey → Discussion between technical personnel on both sides → The development program plan → Project implementation → Project acceptance

Development Content

· According to the special needs of clients' products, design and provide customized configurations, special parts, and other supporting facilities to ensure the optimization of the performance;

· According to the needs of mobile management, STMC provides machine cloud data sharing , which shows real-time operation status of the machine, it allows operators to trace back and view operation records, receive equipment alarm information, and initiate remote technical assistance on the mobile devices;

· To meet the needs of Industry 4.0 which includes intelligent manufacturing and information management. STMC is able to provide customize and develop specific control system to realize date exchange with user's ERP or MES system, remote management, and cloud devices;

Cryogenic Deflashing Media

Made In /Imported From Japan.

High Regularity, Long Durable, Anti-Static

Excellent regularity, precise cutting and stable size

Good abrasive resistance, long working life, at least 20% less cost than similar products

Excellent anti-static performance, reduce dust adsorption

Specifications: 0.4 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.5 mm

Colors: white green pink

Cold Jet® Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machine
Aero Series

    1. Excellent cleaning ability.

    2. No residue of dry ice, no secondary pollution.

    3. Safe and hygienic cleaning system. No damage to the cleaning object.

    4. Can greatly improve working efficiency and save working time.

    5. It can be safely used for electrical equipment cleaning.
    I3 Micro Clean Series