Cryogenic deflashing technology and process are widely used in rubber industry, auto parts production, electronic products production, aerospace parts, medical equipment, and other industries. The cryogenic deflashed items are often assembled with others and made into a common product in life.

Applicable Materials Of Cryogenic Deflashing


The cryogenic deflashing machine can process products made of neoprene , fluoro rubber, EPDM and other rubber materials. The common ones are seal rings / O-rings, auto parts, rubber parts, rubber insoles, etc.

Injection Molding (including elastomer materials)

The cryogenic rubber deflashig machine can process products made of PA, PBT and PPS. The common ones are connectors, nanoforming structural parts, medical use injection parts, automotive injection parts, mobile phone cases, mouse cases, injection molding miscellaneous parts, etc.; also products made of TPU and TPE elastic material, such as watch bands, wristbands, soft sleeves, plastic cases, etc.

Zinc Magnesium Aluminum Die-Casting

The cryogenic deflashig machine can process aluminum, zinc, magnesium alloy products. The common ones are auto parts, metal crafts, decoration items, etc.

Process Effect Comparison

Application Areas Of Cryogenic Deflashing