Aero series advantage

High performance ‘Sure Flow’ system, advanced feeding system technology, full pressure range, high durability, excellent mobility;

AERO® Series
Aero® V / Aero® 40

The Aero V / Aero40 applies full pressure dry ice cleaning system that includes radial feeding echnology, which provide aerodynamic loading to reduce wear on pads and rotor; The Aero series equips compact motor that reduces weight and reduces power consumption; The enhanced rotor prevents injection pulse and provides precision dry ice feeding along with an onboard pressure adjuster to improve stability. Customized accessories are also available based on practical application.

Aero® C100

The Aero C100 has extremely high cleaning performance, cleaning speed is over twice comparing to other pneumatic models, Aero C100 uses pulse-free airflow for even cleaning. The C100 also applies Cold Jet’s patented ‘Sure Flow’ System which allows a full 100lb load without worrying about clogging. Further more, Aero C100 carries automatic vibration function which allows to extend the hose length (up to 100 feet total) for more area cleaning.