Ultra Shot® explosion-proof MG series

Designed for Magnesium alloy die-casting product deflashing, cyclone exhaust system, SGP well thermal insulation performance, SUS304 machine frame, long working life, enhance the oxidation resistance and working life of the die casting product surface;

Advanced technology

1. Special designed for Magnesium alloy products deflashing, efficient burr removal, multiple safety protection, can easily handle complex structure of alloy die castings

2. Enhance the surface oxidation resistance of the treated die-casting products and increase the working life of the product

3. Reduce the production cost

4. No damage to product surface, keep the appearance quality of the product

5. Easy to operate and economic space occupation

6. High deflashing accuracy and high pass rate of finished products

Multiple safety protections

1. Automatic nitrogen injection system to make sure the oxygen level in chamber always below explosion limit

2. The machine is equips oxygen sensor in order to measure and control the oxygen level

3. The machine is anti-blast treated and equips safety pressure relief outlet at the top of the machine.

4. The machine compartment door is equipped with a pressure rod to resist the explosion impact.

Note: The oxygen level inside of the machine must be lower than 1.4% during the processing of magnesium die-castings products.

Man-machine interaction& control systems

1. Easy-to-use large size colored touch screen operation interface, including multi-language support and QWERTY keyboard, making production faster and more consistent.

2. “One touch to start”,enable mass parameter storage and reading, convenient and easy to manage.

3. With both manual and automatic operation mode, including routine maintenance check, password protection, processing list and screen diagnosis.

4. The automatic control system and interface of the machine can be customized according to clients needs and using habits.

5. Cloud platform monitoring available, enable real time monitoring and analyzing the usage and operating status of the machine.

Intelligent manufacturing

In order to meet the operation requirements of digitization, information and intelligence, STMC is able to provide upgrades to the machines.

1. Set operation permission to avoid accidents caused by unauthorized personnel operating the machine.

2.Access and acquire the preinstalled parameters from the system by scanning the barcode. and synchronize the processing parameter record on both industrial control system and the machine.

3. The machine system has built-in operation guide and malfunction solution method, which can help the operators to find the problem more quickly through graphic information and automatically record the failure logging. At the same time, the screen will show the contact information of the manufacturer (STMC) for service.

Note: On the basis of this industrial control system, software itself can be further customized and developed (this part is not included in the quotation),in order to allow the data sharing between the equipment and the client's barcode system/MES system, therefore to realize the equipment access to the MES system and the equipment (production) on the cloud.


The cryogenic deflashing machine provides users with a solution to efficiently deal with product flash, which is very suitable for large quantity production, parts with various sizes, structures, or materials that require high accuracy for product surface treatment.

1.Rubber and plastic parts

2.Exceptional ideal for ‘O’ rings

3. Flash removal of elastic material products

4. Zinc, magnesium, aluminum alloy castings

5. Electronic components

6. Medical supplies

Cryogenic deflashing method is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and general rubber industry.