Service & Solution

STMC is committed to providing lifetime reliability and support through superior machine quality, expert service and advice. We offer machine adjustment & testing , operation training, maintenance, emergency repair, process advice and original spare parts to ensure optimal machine performance. STMC also provides process test, OEM service, machine upgrade / renovation, machine rental and etc.

Process Test

Test purpose: to verify whether the cryogenic deflashing process is applicable, if the mold needs to be adjusted, measure and calculate the effect, cost, capacity, pass rate, and conduct data analysis

process: appointment → test plan →parameter verification → capacity test → stability test

Test report: optimal quality| optimal cost| full analysis

OEM Service

Business scope: rubber, injection parts,
elastic materials, zinc magnesium aluminum alloy metal die-casting parts and other products

Business process: testing - quotation
(quality + commercial) - Contract- implementation

Management standard: processize ,
standardize, traceable

Service locations: Nanjing China, Chongqing China, Dongguan China

Renovation and Overhaul

Contents: including repair of insulation layer, machine frame refurbishment, motor replacement, electrical control cabinet replace and repair, etc.

Effect: The old machine with failure or poor performance can be put into use again, thereby increasing the utilization value of machine and reducing the production and manufacturing costs.

Machine Lease/Rental

Suitable clients: When there is a surging number of production orders that requires increasing capacity in the short term, but it is uncertain whether they will be stable in the long term, or can not afford to wait for the newly purchased machine to arrive because of the urgently increased demand, leasing can be a good choice.

Machine Upgrades

Regular upgrade: button control changes to
touch screen control, code scan function adding, replace parts for performance
improvement, etc.;

Intelligent remodeling: Combine with client's
MES system, when MES forwards production order, the machine can automatically retrieve
the process parameters, and automatically send the production record to the system
after the completion of production.